Volunteers found baby slow worms whilst bagging up 15 sack-fulls of rubbish during a spring clear at Summer Crescent.

Stroud Valleys Project’s volunteers were amazed at the quantity and diversity of rubbish during a spring clear at Summer Crescent. 15 bags were filled up and countless un-baggable big items were also unearthed before the grass grows.

Ivi Szaboova, who organised the clear up, said: “Apart from the usual spare tyre and the ubiquitous plastic leftovers from impromptu picnics we also found a car battery and a concreted-in washing line pole. On a more positive note though, we also discovered four tiny baby slow-worms.”

Some of the dumped rubble was turned into an inviting home for these amazing creatures. Slow-worms prefer humid habitats, including grassy meadows and woodland margins. Locally they can be found in rural gardens and commonly fall prey to cats. Slow-worms hibernate under piles of leaves, within tree roots or crevices in banks, and prefer to hide under rocks and logs – or in your compost heap!

 For more information about getting involved in work at greenspaces in Stroud and Cainscross, please phone Ivi on 01453 753358.

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