Purple Loosestrife

Stroud Valleys Project volunteers made a beautiful wetland area at the Long Ground in Stroud and created a brand new habitat for marginal plants as well as a cool hidey-hole for the resident amphibians. 

Ivi Szaboova from SVP said: “We had a fantastic response to this Springwatch event: 17 adults and 7 children gave up their Sunday morning lie-in to make a bog garden at their local greenspace. People learnt which damp-loving flowers to plant and how to squeeze a colourful squelchy bit of ground even into a tiny garden. Bog gardens can help ‘little dragons’ like newts and reptiles like grass snakes flourish in urban areas where they may be scarce. We planted Marsh marigold, Yellow flag iris, Ragged-robin, Red campion and Purple- loosestrife. ”

The event, which was held on a greenspace owned by Stroud Town Council and sponsored by the BBC, marked the International Year of Biodiversity 2010 promoting the importance of protecting a wide range of species across the UK and around the world.

 For more details please contact Ivi Szaboova on 01453 753358 or 07876 050878.

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