If you fancy a bat-tastic evening, dig out your torch and come on down to the Lake at the Lawns. Stroud Valleys Project has organised a bat walk on Wednesday 14th July, 8.30pm to 10pm, to help people learn more about these incredible creatures.

What do bats eat? (They luurve insects). Do they really suck blood? (Nope, most certainly not!) And just how do they manage to catch their dinner in the dark without bumping into anything? (Echolocation – it’s marvellous!) Okay, it’s nowhere near Halloween, but this time of the year is your best chance to see and hear these amazing nocturnal mammals. And how do you see them and hear them when it’s pitch black and the bats echolocate? Well, that’s where your torch and our bat detectors will come in handy. Nigel Brook-Smith, a local bat expert, will be on hand to tell you about bats’ ecology and habitats, as well as help you look for and listen to a variety of bats. You will hear sounds you have never heard before. Please bring a torch.

Free event, donations appreciated.

Meeting place: The Lake at the Lawns, at the end of Cainscross Road, just before the main Cainscross roundabout. On the left coming out of Stroud, opposite DA Cook Heating shop. 

For further details and to book a place contact Ivi Szaboova on 01453 753358 or 07876 050878.

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