Stroud Valleys Project volunteers were barely visible in the Himalayan Balsam jungle at the Lake at the Lawns, when they cleared this invasive species during a habitat workshop. The group were amazed to discover a plant which grew to a whopping 303cm.

the_tallest_himalayan_balsam_at_the_lake_at_the_lawnsIvi Szaboova, SVP’s biodiversity officer, explained: “Himalayan balsam is not native to Britain and it spreads rapidly along our riverbanks, suffocating native vegetation. One plant produces up to 800 seeds which can germinate under water and are viable for up to 18 months. The seedpods only have to be gently touched to make them ‘explode’ and scatter the seeds up to 7m. Once the plants die down, they leave riverbanks bare and this contributes to erosion of the soil.

 It grows 1-2m high but we have never seen one as tall as the plant found by SVP volunteers.”


To find out more about Stroud Valleys Project’s work at the greenspaces around Stroud and Cainscross, contact Ivi Szaboova on 01453 753358.

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