When Stroud Valleys Project’s Green Team volunteers spent a rainy morning making three hedgehog boxes, nobody expected all of them to be sold in SVP’s Eco shop on the same day, to one local family.Our finished hedgehog box

Biodiversity Officer Ivi Szaboova explained: “SVP run an Eco shop where people can buy wildlife-friendly, recycled and fair trade products. The Green Team volunteers were amazed to learn that the boxes we made were all gone in one afternoon. A couple visited the Eco shop looking for an unusual Christmas present for a family member, and then came back in 30 minutes to buy another box for their own garden. Two hours later their son rang to reserve the third hedgehog box, which he wanted for his girlfriend’s mother. The family were also given leaflets on wildlife gardening with hedgehogs in mind.”

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Hedgehogs should not be out at this time of the year, and if you see one sleeping or disorientated in the open, it’s most likely to be sick and will need looking after.
Hedgehogs build their nests in the autumn to prepare for hibernation in winter, when it gets too cold and difficult to find food such as worms, caterpillars and beetles. Hibernating hedgehogs may look asleep, but in fact their physiological activities are slowed down to preserve energy. The heart rate decreases from 190 to 20 beats per minute, the body temperature drops to about 10˚C and they will only breathe once every few minutes.

If you want advice about hedgehogs or would like to be part of the Green Team, contact SVP on 01453 753358.

One of the hedgehog boxes made by Stroud Valleys Project Green team volunteers

(From left to right: Alan Probert, Ivi Szaboova, Rob Surman, Richard Hendy)

Notes to the editor:

One in four people will experience mental distress at some point in their lives. Stroud Valleys Project’s Green Team: Open to All is designed to help people with mental health problems get better and acquire new skills during Wednesday morning practical conservation sessions. It's an open, socially inclusive group for people from all walks of life, who enjoy working outdoors and learning new things.

The Green Team: Open to All has been funded by Ecominds, a £7.5 million funding scheme run by Mind on behalf of the BIG Lottery Fund. Ecominds involves people with direct experience of mental distress in environmental projects that improve their mental and physical health, and local communities.

Volunteers carry out a range of nature conservation activities at greenspaces around Stroud district, including planting and laying hedges, planting wildflowers and bulbs, creating bog gardens, managing scrub and making bird, bat and insect boxes.

The aim of Stroud Valleys Project is to protect and enhance the environment by working with local communities to improve biodiversity.



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