Newtsurvey_13-4-13_PGreen1A bumper ‘crop’ of newts was found during annual Great Crested Newt survey in Stonehouse by Stroud Valleys Project volunteers.

SVP Biodiversity Officer Ivi Szaboova, who ran the survey, explained, “5 Great Crested Newts and 30 Smooth Newts were captured in bottle traps which we set up in the pond in the evening. The newts were released early the following morning to minimise the time the amphibians spent in the traps.

"Only people with a Great Crested Newt licence from Natural England can survey, trap or handle this protected species so Stroud Valleys Project’s annual survey is a good opportunity to get up close to these fascinating animals. Volunteers and members of the public found out about the life cycle of Great Crested Newts, how to tell them apart from the more common Smooth and Palmate Newts, and how to create good terrestrial habitats for foraging and hibernation, as well as improve ponds for egg laying and newt courtship.”


Newtsurvey_13-4-13_PGreen2Paul Green 13-4-13Stroud Valleys Project volunteers have been involved in surveying the newt pond opposite Stonehouse Court Hotel since Court View estate was built in 2000. The number of Great Crested Newts caught during surveys has gone down drastically year on year, from 150 individuals in 2000 to just 3-5 Great Crested Newts in the last few years. Thanks to a grant from Biffaward, and a change of site ownership to Stonehouse Town Council, Stroud Valleys Project is now managing the ponds so that the Great Crested Newt population can again thrive.

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