18.PennyHeadsLichen IMG 5210 LowResThe restoration of  the canal side site at Capel’s Mill by Stroud Valleys Project has revealed a treasure trove of artefacts buried in the old rubbish tip there.  SVP’s volunteers have been cleaning and collating all the ‘treasure’  found while they are restoring the site to a wildlife meadow and have now made a window display in the shop in Threadneedle St with everything they have uncovered.

Finds include a newspaper from 1967 with a feature about Sir Francis Chichester and his solo circumnavigation of the world, old fish paste and washing up bottles and even a coin dating from the reign of George lll.

Project officer Fred Miller explained, ”Stroud had a rubbish tip in the 1960’s and 70’s in and around the old mill pond at Capel’s Mill, and as we work restoring this site by the canal, we are finding things that people threw away 50 years ago.”

12.Bottles IMG 5334LowResLast month the environmental charity picked up an award from the Gloucestershire branch of the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE)  in recognition of all the work they are doing on the Capel’s Mill restoration ‘for using volunteers, local businesses and the community to help transform an old tip into and important area of waterside parkland.”

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