Little Owl on stumpVolunteers from local environmental charity Stroud Valleys Project have started work in Stratford Park planting trees to improve homes for wildlife after a pair of little owls living in a nesting box died last year.

SVP project officer Richard Lewis said, “Sadly last year the storms blew down the walnut tree where the little owls were roosting and the pair in the nest box were killed. We are hoping that the work we are doing planting new trees will attract all kinds of wildlife, but especially the little owls which are in decline across the UK."

The charity is asking local people to support their work in the park by making a donation of £10 towards each tree that is planted.


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“We are aiming to plant 1,000 trees and it would be great for local people to know that their money was helping to renew and restore a vital part of the town’s natural habitat,” said Richard.

According to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds little owl numbers are declining in Britain with the UK population down 24 percent between 1995 and 2008.

People can donate their £10 by calling into the Stroud Valleys Project eco shop on Threadneedle Street or visiting the website at and clicking on the Virgin Money Giving button or they can donate by text.  To donate £10, text RSVP14£10 to 70071, or choose another amount.

For more information please contact Richard Lewis or Julie Wickham on 01453 753358

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