LPondRenovateots of outdoor work can seem really daunting. If you would like some help we can provide a team to tackle those difficult jobs for you.

 We offer a range of services including: pond creation and restoration, tree planting (woodlands and orchards), hedge work (planting, laying and gapping up), creating wildflower meadows, installing fencing and kissing gates, coppicing and small tree work.

 Stroud Valleys Project has a special interest and expertise in creating and restoring wildlife friendly places so they can be shared by people and wildlife. Our aim is to help local people to garden for wildlife so that the Stroud District area is good for nature, has improved habitats and encourages wildlife. In addition, our aim is to provide meaningful opportunities for our volunteers to work in this field of work. The wildlife gardening scheme provides a bridge between volunteering and paid work for our volunteers.

We aim to tackle jobs that would take one or two people a long time and that we can tackle quickly with a team. Call us today for an informal discussion or call into the eco shop to discuss your needs.

 We don’t want to join the commercial landslide into Christmas, but there is no getting away from the fact that signs of Christmas have been in many shops for several weeks already. From the end of October we will be stocking our usual range of Christmas cards, featuring British wildlife. As well as our usual range, we have been searching high and low for interesting new gift ideas which fit our ethos. One new item already proving popular is the “Bottle Light” – a rechargeable LED light that fits into the top of a bottle to create a gentle ambient light. We are also pleased to have a range of playing cards with natural world themes, and a range of dipped beeswax candles.

The introduction of the 5p charge on single use carrier bags has encouraged us to widen our range of bags. We have new stock of organic string bags in various colours, and of ‘Onya’ bags in various designs. These are all made of recycled plastic drinks bottles, and pack down into a small pouch to fit in a handbag or pocket.

And remember, every gift that you buy at the eco shop makes a difference to your local environment by supporting our work!

Stroud Valleys Project is a limited company,
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