It’s National Tree Week and the challenge has gone out to tree lovers to join in a world record breaking planting event on Saturday 5 December between 11am and 12noon. Stroud Valleys Project is joining in with BBC Breathing Spaces as part of  nationwide challenge to help to set a new record for planting the most trees in one hour.



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Stroud Valleys Project is working in two areas locally at Pinnell’s End Farm in Coaley where the target is to plant 400 trees and to create hedge in Summer Crescent Field. In both places the aim is to plant hedgerows of native trees and shrubs to attract and support wildlife. These events are part of a national challenge and the target is to plant a million trees throughout the country beating the existing record of 653,143. Both events start at 10am to set the teams up and get everybody ready to start the challenge at 11am.

Director of Projects at SVP Clare Mahdiyone said: “We are looking forward to joining up with  BBC Breathing Spaces with this exciting environmental challenge. Trees are vital to the survival of many of our bird and insect species as well as providing oxygen and being beautiful to look at.  By getting as many people as possible to join in with the planting scheme we can help to restore hedgerows, which are essential connections for wildlife and act as corridors between different habitats.”

Anyone interested in taking part Stroud Valleys Project events for the Million Tree Challenge should contact SVP on 01453 753358 to book a place for both events (plus 07876 050878 on the morning of the workshop for the Summer Crescent planting.) If you miss these events you can always join in the Plant A Tree with SVP scheme. Contact SVP for more details.

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