Urban green space – once it’s gone it’s gone

Sensory Garden.pegI was shocked to hear there are plans for another large building in Stratford Park to house Rush Skatepark. Although I think it would be good to keep the skatepark in Stroud, Stratford Park is already home to the Leisure Centre, outdoor swimming pool and the Museum in the Park. Surely we need to retain the green space we have?

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Looking after parks can be a financial burden but I feel really strongly that we should not underestimate the importance of green spaces, especially in the urban environment. There are numerous research articles demonstrating the many advantages of providing open space in urban environments: formal and informal sport and recreation, preservation of natural environments, provision of green space, reduction of pollution and even urban storm water management. Parks can also provide valuable job, youth development, and public health opportunities, as well as opportunities for building communities.

Sensory Garden.peg

The social, economic and health and wellbeing benefits for our community are difficult to measure, but from the consultation work carried out as part our Neighbourhood Plan (that feeds into the Local Plan) local people wanted to see more ‘greening’ and more green space available in Stroud.

Over the last few years Stroud Valleys Project has planted over 2,000 trees in the park and we are currently working at Stratford Park to create a sensory garden on the old putting green; we are aware of how important this green space is to our local community and wildlife. The park has a Management Plan which has enabled wildlife to thrive, and a Biodiversity Newsletter provides updates on wildlife in the park - for example there are at least 6 types of bat we have identified in the park. You can join us for a Bat Walk which we organise in partnership with Museum in the Park on the evening of 18th May.

The park is a community resource and we have limited available space in our town centre - so please, let’s hold on to it and find an alternative site for a skatepark.

Photo : Stroud Valleys Project volunteers working on a new footpath in the sensory garden at Stratford Park





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