Gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts worried about the decline of bees can come to a special illustrated talk to find out how to help them thrive in our gardens. The session is being organised by local environmental charity, Stroud Valleys Project in partnership with the Global Bee Project.

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SVP director of projects, Claire Mahdiyone, explained: “Most people think of the 'social bees' - swarms of honey bees, or gangs of bumblebees. In fact, the vast majority of bees are solitary, living out their lives as single bees and setting up single nest cells.

“There are about 250 different species of solitary bee in Britain and a surprising number of solitary bees occur in gardens. This talk is aimed at explaining how a few simple actions can help a wide range of these amazing creatures to survive in and around your garden.”

There are mason bees, leafcutters, mining bees, white faced bees, carder bees, cuckoo bees and even hairy footed flower bees. Many have fascinating life histories and all have a role to play in pollination. You may find bees in your lawn or in your walls so this talk will help you identify them and help support them.

The talk takes place at the SVP offices at 8 Threadneedle Street, Stroud on Thursday 4 March at 7.30pm. Anyone wanting more details or to book a place should call Helen Dallow on 01453 872276.

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