Pumpkins18resizeThe news was already worrying enough, but a new report from the world’s leading climate scientists has warned of catastrophic climate change unless global warming is limited to 1.5°C average global temperature above pre-industrial levels. The report finds that unless fundamental changes are made urgently across society, this level could be exceeded in as little as 12 years. 

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One of the authors suggests that China, Europe and major cities could push ahead with implementing change: “We can set an example and show what can be done. This is more about technology than politics.” I would argue that it is also about people and individual choices. The change made by people power over single use plastic in the past year since David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II programme has demonstrated this.

Unless we can hit a target of 1.5°C – rather than 2°C – the 1.5°C report describes a world of worsening climate-related poverty and food shortages, and total eradication of coral reefs as soon as 2040 – a period well within the lifetime of much of the global population.

As individuals we can make choices now about the food and products we buy -where it comes from, and how it is packaged: people power can work and can make change happen. Growing your own or buying and eating local seasonal produce also plays its part.

Join us on Sunday 28 October for Apple Pressing and Carved Pumpkin Competition at The Museum in the Park for some autumn apple pressing between 11am – 12.30pm and 1pm - 3pm. 

Pumpkins18resizeBring along your apples and have a go at making your own juice; if you’d like to take some home, please bring some clean, empty bottles. There will also be other apple activities for all the family to try. And why not have a go at creating your own spectacular carved pumpkin at home or school - then drop it off at the Museum courtyard 11am - 4.30pm. Judging begins at 5pm. Join us at 5.30pm to see the pumpkin lanterns all lit up and to hear the results announced. There will be prizes for best carved home-grown pumpkin, best primary entrant & best family entrants.





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