MONDAY 22nd MARCH, 10am-1pm


Have you ever heard of lower inferior oolite? What was first, the Silurian or the Jurassic? What is Gondwana when it’s at home? And, crucially, if you went for a swim in a Jurassic sea, would you be Liopleurodon’s dinner? If you have a visual impairment and want to learn fascinating facts about the rocks we walk on, Stroud Valleys Project have just the thing for you: a geology walk at Breakheart Quarry in Dursley.

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The geology walk is part of Stroud Valleys Project’s programme of walks for people with visual impairment who would like to discover the special countryside and wildlife of our district. Trained sighted guides accompany walkers and SVP can arrange transport. All walks are carefully worked out to ensure people with visual impairment can access them safely. Each walk is less than a mile long on fairly flat paths, at a leisurely pace.

Ivi Szaboova who runs the natural history walks said: “A lot of people with visual impairment find that their world shrinks as a result of their disability. Often they can’t go on a walk on their own because they can’t see well enough, or their families don’t feel able to keep them safe on a woodland path. SVP offers gentle walks with trained guides, so that no one need miss out on the wonders of the natural world around us simply because their vision is deteriorating.”

Contact Ivi Szaboova on 01453 753358 for details of the walking programme.


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