Wildlife walks to celebrate Spring are on offer from Stroud Valleys Project in March. There will be a wild daffodil walk at Betty Daw’s Wood, a spring walk to Bull’s Cross, birdwatching beside the Severn, a geology walk at Heartbreak quarry and a lantern walk at Thistledown.

Director of projects, Clare Mahdiyone, said: “ We organise these walks so that local people have a chance to get closer to nature and see the wonderful array of wildlife which surrounds and supports us."


Clare went on to say, “ This year is designated the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB) by the UN and here at SVP we are doing our bit to help people explore and appreciate the wide variety of wildlife in our hills and valleys.

“ We run walks and talks all year round and this year we think it is especially important to highlight biodiversity and give local people a chance to learn more about the world of nature - to discover why it’s important for a healthy environment and get to involved in monitoring and conserving  local wildlife.”

Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. It is essential for sustaining the natural living systems or ecosystems that provide us with food, fuel, health, wealth, and other vital services.

“We are all part of biodiversity,” said Clare, “ and we are keen to support the IYB and hope that people will do one simple thing to preserve biodiversity . Coming on one of our walks might be the start.”

Anyone interested in talking part in the walks should check the website on www.stroudvalleysproject.org   or call SVP on 01453 753358 for further information and to book a place. Some of the walks are specially for people with a visual or hearing impairment.

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