This is an extract from the August 2019 Stratford Park Newsletter

This month Stroud Valleys Project volunteers have been transplanting aquatic plants in the lake. It was exactly this time last year that we started restoration works to the lake and graded the banks. Last autumn one elevation of the banks was sown with a ‘pond side mix’ containing marginal plants, but this was not successful.Tamsin planting aquatics in the lake -Photo Mike McCrea

Next month Tamsin and her group will be re-sowing a more robust seed mixture to the banks. Richard Spyvee (Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust Living Landscapes Manager) has been supplying the plants from a local source; these include several species of reeds, rushes and native oxygenating plants.


SVP team leader Tamsin planting aquatics in the lake.

Photo: Mike McCrea

Air Jordan

On the morning of 13th August they were planted in the lake by Tamsin and her group. Sadly, on the same day another cygnet was found injured near the stream. This was taken to the local vet but nothing could be done to save it. It has been a poor year for our swans with only one cygnet now remaining from the second brood.

While on site, Richard visited the adjacent pond to give us advice on creating more light and it has been decided to clear some of the surrounding small trees, as these are throwing too much shade on the water. Tamsin’s group will be working on this over the coming weeks. I will also be transferring plants from my own pond over the coming weeks. Last year Shaun (park staff) planted some yellow flag iris from his pond and these have now become well established.



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