Traditional orchards are in danger of disappearing with serious consequences for wildlife warns environmental charity Stroud Valleys Project.  So to celebrate the variety of Gloucestershire fruit the charity is organising an Apple Day at Holywell Orchard in Cam.

Project officer Richard Lewis said: ”Orchards in England have declined by almost 60 per cent in the last 50 years. According to the records in 1839 there were 99 orchards in Cam and now there are only three. This means we are losing many unique tastes and flavours that are special to Gloucestershire.


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Young hedgehogs are in danger this autumn as some will be too small to hibernate warns Stroud Valleys Project who are encouraging people to give a hedgehog a home. The charity is organizing a unique workshop on Saturday 10 October to learn to build a hedgehog house.

Workshop leader Ivi Szaboova said: “Juvenile hedgehogs need to be more than 450 grams (1lb) to hibernate and those underweight are unlikely to survive. Hedgehogs are nocturnal so those out during the day need rescuing and that is why we are running this workshop so that people can build a home to help them over winter.”

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