Slow worm 1Our contract work continues well with monthly visits to Rowcroft Medical Centre, Omnitrack at Rodborough Court, Tesco balancing pond (a site adjacent to Rackleaze Wetland) and our quarterly visits to The Apperley Centre, Stonehouse.

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The Apperley Centre in Stonehouse is a special school catering for teenagers and young adults with severe or profound learning disabilities.

The centre was built in the early nineties and as a result of environmental surveys the new design for the centre had to have a wildlife area that supports slow worms. As part of our work for the centre we visit the site four times a year to keep on top of the grassland and scrub habitat that supports the slow worm population.

This great picture of a female slow worm was taken in July of this year whilst the group was scything grassland areas.

Over the last year we have been working for a number of organisations and businesses, big and small, individual households, Parish Councils and Stroud District Council.

Phone 01453 753358 if you have an area which could do with some help!




Ovpg160728 j93gdn 061resizeer the past year we have undertaken work for a number of organisations and businesses, individuals, parish councils and Stroud District Council.  These relatively small pieces of contracted work are all based around improving green spaces for wildlife, directly supporting our charitable purposes. 

This contract work represents a different way of working for us, by delivering direct work on the ground without other restrictions.

In the past few months we have been working on a number of contracts - once a month working at the gardens at Rodborough Court (once Randall and Payne solicitors now owned by Omnitrack), pond restoration work for Eastington Parish Council (see before and after pictures and monthly at Rowcroft Medical Centre, Stroud.

Hedge after


Hedge before








We hope to continue working with all of these organisations as they have given us the opportunity and chance to broaden and expand our unique work.

For further details about how we can help you, contact us on 01453 753358.







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