Sarah’s Field Water Meadow - Volunteers needed! Sarahs Field

At our new project in Berkeley, we now have a picnic table.

On Tuesdays, we are creating a community orchard, pond, wetland, pathways and wildlife habitats.

As there are Great Crested Newts in the town, we are planning how and when to do the digging, and vegetation cutting, so as not to disturb these amphibians.

We now hope they will come and live there using the habitat corridors, the logs to hide under, and the pond to breed in.

The first task was planting 20 fruit trees, with a focus on rare and local Gloucestershire apple varieties, such as ‘Berkeley Pippin’, ‘Arlingham Schoolboys’ and ‘Jackets and Waistcoats’.

The site historically flooded as it is only a few metres above the Severn, and a local resident showed us a photo of it all under water in July 1968. This winter it has not flooded, but the meadow has been very damp and squidgy, so the term ‘water meadow’ is used for it. 

 At the edges is blackthorn scrub full of sparrows and blue tits; we have now added some different tree species such as alder, willow, spindle and dog

 rose to create diversity.


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