ThWild Shed 1e Wild Shed group meets on a Thursday at the Beeches Day Centre in Cainscross. There are usually between six and eight volunteers. Between November and March we made bird boxes, cleaned the polytunnel from algae, made a bog garden, cleaned and sharpened tools and prepared hedgerow seeds for our fledgling tree nursery. We also planted two local variety apple trees (Ashmead’s Kernel and John Standish) and trained them into espalier trees.

Once a month we tended an allotment plot in Bisley where we filled up raised beds with compost, weeded the plot, planted fruit bushes, heeled in small saplings and prepared the raised beds for further planting. 

January was one of our highlights, as we visited the Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. As our funding did not quite stretch to having lunch in the café, we came prepared with our lunchboxes and flasks and were allowed to sit in the Peng Observatory watching geese and ducks while having our lunch. Some of the volunteers mentioned that without this trip they would not have been able to get there, as there is no public transport to get to

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Slimbridge from Stroud.

Wild Shed 2

By the end of March we were in lockdown. This was a very new situation and with the project officer being furloughed, Tamsin took on looking after the plants we had started to grow and making regular contact with volunteers.

One of the volunteers, Rob Flight, also helped with the watering once a week as well as going to Bisley to make sure that the allotment was kept in good order. 

The group started up again in September with new precautions for social distancing in place. We also have successfully applied to Bisley Parish Council who kindly provided us with funding to be able to get up to the Bisley allotment safely, so thank you so much Bisley Parish Council! We will be able to make further use of the allotment in Bisley and are hoping to grow lots of fruit and herbs for next summer.

The Wild Shed Group is funded by Thriving Communities, a fund from Gloucestershire County Council. Oh, by the way, the Thriving Communities funding also runs a website called ‘Your Circle’. It is adirectory to help you find your way around care and support, and connect with people, places and activities in Gloucestershire, where you can find lots of useful organisations and information. Try it at



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