Stroud Farmers Market

We are starting our second year of working with Stroud Farmers’ Market running their children’s activity days. We ran our first one of 2017 in March and were visited by over a hundred children. The activities included our SFM22now familiar taster trail, in which children go around the market sampling the delicious food on offer, as well as decorating cotton carrier bags and taking home tasty recipes. We will be at the Farmers’ Market again on 17 June and again in September (date yet to be confirmed).

For more information contact Tamsin at 01453 753358 or

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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Shop front 2013Spring always sees a roaring trade in Demeter seeds which are supplied by the Seed Co-Operative – and this year has been no exception. We have a wide range of vegetable, herb and salad seeds, and a few of our favourite flowers. We are delighted to hear that the Seed Co-Operative are finalists in the BBC Future Food and Farming Awards 2017. We also have a range of organically acceptable slug deterrents . If you have great success with your seedlings, don’t forget our plant swap on 3 June – exchange surplus seedlings for something new.

You can also find materials in the shop which support our other events including identification charts for orchids, newts, bats, birds and butterflies, and our ever popular origami butterfly sets.

We like to stock environmentally versions of things customers buy regularly so please let us know of anything that we do not currently have which you would like us to stock. We can then look into whether we can!


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Great Crested  Newt

Our partnership with Kingswood Parish Council at the Wild About Kingswood project continues apace. Volunteers have built the project community shed, carried out hedgerow management work around the dew pond with the old hedgerow being laid, and gapped up with saplings and bindings being tied in to give structure and support. This work will also make the hedgerow great for wildlife by creating a small wildlife corridor that links up two of the mature hedgerows on-site. A number of bird boxes have also been put up in the small woodland area, again boxes made by both the Tuesday Green Health Team and the Wednesday Kingswood group. These types of small bird box can also be purchased from our SVP Eco Shop, 8 Threadneedle Street, Stroud

The installation of two beautifully handmade benches has also been completed, one adjacent to the main breeding pond and the other next to the small woodland entrance to the Tyndale View housing estate. The right weather and the man/woman power meant we could put the benches in over two consecutive weeks.

A big THANK YOU to all the volunteers that were involved in the building and installing of the benches, as well as to Adrian Leaman and Dave Cockcroft who helped us make it all happen!

Keep an eye out for a number of public events being held at the Wild About Kingswood site over the summer, highlights being the annual Great Crested Newt survey, a bat walk, scything course and pond survey - for further details on times and dates contact our office. Kingswood

For more information, contact Richard on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 

01453 753358.



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Lots of outdoor work can seem really daunting. If you would like some help we can provide a team to tackle those difficult jobs.

Click here to see a video of work carried out for Stroud company, Omnitrack

We offer a range of services including:-Garden services

Pond creation and restoration

Tree planting (woodlands and orchards)

Hedge work (planting, laying and gapping up)

Creating wildflower meadows

Installing fencing and kissing gates


Small tree work

Stroud Valleys Project has a special interest and expertise in creating and restoring wildlife friendly places so they can be shared by people and wildlife. We will assess the work for maximum wildlife benefit. Our aim is to help local people to garden for wildlife so that the Stroud District area is good for nature, has improved habitats and encourages wildlife. In addition, our aim is to provide meaningful opportunities for our volunteers to work in this field of work.

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