Another_day_another_meadow.jpgThe Green Team: Open to All is designed to help people with mental health problems get better and acquire new skills during practical conservation sessions. It’s an open, socially inclusive group for people from all walks of life, who enjoy working outdoors and learning new things.  This project has grown out of our previous project, Biodiversity of Urban Greenspaces, and you can find more information about this project by clicking here.

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Volunteers carry out a range of nature conservation activities at greenspaces around Stroud district, including planting hedges, wildflowers and bulbs, creating bog gardens, managing scrub and making bird, bat and insect boxes.

Green TeamThe Green Team project is a great opportunity to reduce stigma around mental health and expand the range of volunteering Stroud Valleys Project is able to offer. Volunteers can join the project stakeholder group which plans the tasks. The Green Team members have access to a counsellor who assesses their depression and anxiety levels so we can monitor their progress.

A therapist at Park House, a local mental health service, said: “Conservation volunteering with Stroud Valleys Project offers… a gateway to feeling socially included... a rare opportunity to overcome barriers due to stigma.”

Quotes from volunteers:

“I like coming out to help because I learn new things and I always feel valued. It makes me feel better about myself.” R

“The work we do makes me feel I achieved something on that day.” M

“I feel useful.” R

You can check out our Facebook page here

For details of sessions please contact Stroud Valleys Project on 01453 753358 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our_new_allotmentAll these wild flower plugs were planted in one morning.jpgOur_allotment_is_a_team_effortWe now even have visible soilPlanting wild flowers.jpgRe-homing a slow-worm familyOak_maintenance_at_hamwell_leaze.jpg

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