JGoodwin-Aug2013-004-CopyrightLast August we began working in the walled garden. Tucked away behind the Museum in the Park, this secret space has been abandoned for many years now. Our work there is the first stage in a process that will gradually see the garden returned to a beautiful and functional space.

The team of volunteers from Stroud Valleys Project and the museum has been steadily uncovering ground that has lain buried beneath brambles, elder, sycamore saplings and nettles since the end of the last century.

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We have revealed a section of crazy paving, studded with buddleia and field maple, and dug into mounds of rich fertile soil, heaped into discarded piles and blanketed with nettles and plastic bags. Perhaps our most interesting find so far is a path made of huge sandstone slabs that must have been part of the original garden.

For now we are focussing our efforts on one half of the whole garden (which is just under half an acre in total). In the ‘productive’ quarter we will be building raised beds and creating a meadow/lawn area.

In the ‘orchard’ area we will be planting local apple varieties to accompany the huge old apple tree that currently sprawls across the garden.

For more information, contact Katherine on 01453 753358, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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