DSCN0692resizedAfter a successful summer looking after the Capel’s Mill site we are pleased to announce that the long awaited tool store for this site has finally arrived!

We levelled the ground and positioned the breeze blocks and railway sleepers, the delivery itself was a bit dramatic with some skidding and sliding by the lorry in the mud. The cabin looked very lightweight as it swung in the air and was gently lowered onto its base. It will be shared with the canal team which means they can get rid of the small rusty tool store currently there.

For us to be able to keep tools on the site will greatly increase our capacity to run activities and work days. The next challenge will be to beautify it by planting some willow and other screening plants around it. We are looking forward to the help of willow expert, Norah Kennedy, with her design and planting ideas.

We are also expecting to make this an artistic area, with special carved poles on either side of the entrance way designed by Geoff Beckerlegg.

Work is now afoot on both a badger pathway and a community orchard - with design help from students on the Stroud Permaculture course - but there is much buddleia to clear first. The students will also look into how to give a lift to the arches so they are lighter and more welcoming, possibly with some paintwork. Nailsworth Rotary Club has been planting the wild daffodil bulbs and they are a continuing support.

The school groups are coming again, and there is a plan to create areas for children to sit called ‘Magic Spots’ beside individual trees.

The pond is now ready both for the liner and the fencing. A grand pond finishing-day is planned.




Capel’s Mill Community Planting Project

before work began

 Every Wednesday from 10 am.Capels Mill before

Stroud’s new Waterside park !!!

Stroud Valleys Project is involved in this new site in the heart of Stroud.

Following the restoration of Stroud’s canal beside the viaduct, near Waitrose in stroud, this area has been ear-marked as a corridor for people and wildlife.

Meeting every week on site, since January we have planted 500 trees, wildlfowers, (both bulbs and seeds) made stone habitat piles, cut back buddleia and cleared space under the viaduct arches.

The slopes of the old landfill site are becoming a wildflower meadow. This is such a rare habitat that it is perhaps the most important bit of our work.   We are sowing it with a whole mixture of native wildflowers.

There have been local people, Rotary Club and schools involved so far. We are hoping to expand this and involve as many people as possible.

 Capels MillThe route along the canal is being made accessible by the building of the towpath, by canal Trust volunteers and the Frome Banks nature reserve is also due to be managed with improved access along the river frome.

Capel's Mill is a hub of corridors both ancient and modern. The river was the site of water powered mills, since the 1400’s, then the canal was made in the 1780’s to transport goods; followed by the railway in the 1840’s, and then the bypass in the 1980’s. These routes all cross and twist over each other.

What is more Stroud’s rubbish tip was put here in the 1960’s and 70’s, and it filled up the old mill pond and the canal!

Capels Mill during1

Toads have been breeding in the canal, grass snakes and lizards are around. There are bats roosting under the arches. There are dippers and kingfishers on the river. So it is the best place to connect people and nature, and to build those lasting impressions that change lives and help us make a sustainable world.

The vision is that there will be trees, meadow, habitats, places for children to explore, and picnic tables, together with activities and events on site.








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